What Makes a Mystic?

“I need to find myself” is a common refrain. Unfortunately, it often refers to something “out there”–a career, perhaps, or a relationship–as opposed to identifying and pursuing one’s own internal passion. The irony is that, when engaged in that passion, one loses the sense of self. Think of the sentence “I am singing.” Most will say the “I” is the subject of the verb “am”–grammatically dividing the individual from the act of singing. However, when one “follows the music of his/her heart,” it is more precise to understand the phrase as “I AM singing.” In other words, the “I” and “singing” have become One in the act. In this context, then, we “find ourselves” when we have “lost ourselves.” Only when a singer does that is s/he truly a “singer.” When someone can do that with all aspects of existence, s/he is truly a “mystic.”

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